A sizeable portion of our business involves military relocations. We understand the demands and special needs of military clients and are dedicated to your needs whether you are buying or selling your home. Military relocations can be complicated, but we do our best to make the process simple to understand. We specialize in military family relocation and can help you with your move to Fort Belvoir and The Pentagon.

About Fort Belvoir and The Pentagon
Fort Belvoir is a United States military installation located in Fairfax County, Virginia. Fort Belvoir serves as the headquarters for both the Defense Logistics Agency and the Defense Contract Audit Agency, agencies of the United States Department of Defense, which share a building. Fort Belvoir is home to one Army major command headquarters and elements of ten others; nineteen different agencies and direct reporting units of the Department of Army; eight elements of the U.S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard; and twenty-six Department of Defense agencies. Also located here are a Marine Corps detachment, a U.S. Air Force activity, and an agency from the Department of the Treasury. The base was founded during World War I as Camp A. A. Humphreys, named for Andrew A. Humphreys. The post was renamed Fort Belvoir in the 1930s to honor the historic Belvoir Manor, the home of Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, the proprietor of the Northern Neck, which once stood on land now on the base. After the Revolutionary War, Fairfax County patriots destroyed the building. Fort Belvoir was initially the home of the US Army Corps of Engineers school prior to its relocation in the 1980s. As a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRACC), Fort Belvoir is expected to have a substantial increase in the number of people stationed or employed there. The expansion of the base is a source of significant controversy between the Army and the local government as Fort Belvoir is located in heavily suburban Northern Virginia.

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, located at 48 N. Rotary Road, Arlington, Virginia 22211. Its mailing address is “Washington, DC 20301.” As a symbol of the US military, “the Pentagon” is often used metonymically to refer to the Department of Defense rather than the building itself. Those who work within its walls often simply call it the Building. The building was dedicated on January 15, 1943. It is the highest-capacity office building in the world and one of the world’s largest buildings in terms of floor area. It houses approximately 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel. It has five sides, five floors above ground (plus two basement levels), and five ring corridors per floor with a total of 17.5 miles (28 km) of corridors. At five acres (20,000 m²), the central plaza in the Pentagon is the world’s largest “no-salute, no-cover” area (an area exempt from the normal rule that, when out of doors, U.S. military personnel must wear hats and salute superior officers). The open space in the center is informally known as “ground zero,” a nickname originating during the Cold War when it was thought of as the most likely target of a nuclear missile. At the center of this plaza is the “Ground Zero Cafe,” a snack bar. Just south of the Pentagon are Pentagon City and Crystal City, extensive shopping and high-density residential districts in Arlington. Arlington National Cemetery is to the north. The Washington Metro Pentagon Station is also located at the Pentagon, on the Blue and Yellow Lines.

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